A gray 2021 BMW X1 is shown from the side driving in front of a lake after getting a Cincinnati BMW lease. 

Although a lease can be a great way to enjoy a brand-new vehicle without committing long-term. Here at BMW of Cincinnati North, we are proud to offer the full lineup of BMW models available for lease, providing you with some of the finest vehicles available in Cincinnati. BMW lease deals can be a terrific way to take advantage of the power and performance that BMW has to offer while leaving free to upgrade to a new model in just a few years.

There is nothing else out there quite like a BMW, thanks to the brand's unique combination of world-class performance, cutting-edge technology, and ultra-refined luxury. A BMW lease deal is a great choice if you are looking to enjoy a new or Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle without committing to owning it - and the monthly payments on a lease are typically lower than a loan on the same vehicle. Plus, with the new BMW Car & Ride Sharing Lease, you can enjoy one of these vehicles and use it for ride-sharing services or even rent out your vehicle to another driver. No matter what you need in your next vehicle, BMW of Cincinnati North is here to help.


The BMW Legacy of Award-Winning Designs

BMW has been around for more than 100 years, getting its start manufacturing of aircraft engines before moving into making engines for motorcycles, farm equipment, and eventually automobiles. BMW began building cars in the 1920s and 1930s, and over the decades has developed into a leader in the luxury car industry. With a reputation for incredible performance alongside its sophisticated and luxurious interiors, there are few vehicles on the road that offer the kind of driving experience you can get with a BMW model.

If you are interested in a Cincinnati BMW lease, then you probably already know about the incredible degree of luxury and high performance that BMW vehicles can offer. These cars have been referred to as "the ultimate driving machine," and all you have to do is take one for a test drive to understand exactly why so many people view them this way. BMW's reputation is well earned, and they have won numerous awards throughout the years that drive home just how impressive their vehicles are.

For example, in 2019, the BMW M2 Competition model ranked among Car and Driver's selection for "10Best Cars." That same year, the drive system for the BMW i8 won the International Engine + Powertrain of the Year award for Best Hybrid Powertrain for the fifth time in a row. Meanwhile, the British Top Gear magazine named the BMW i8 "Car of the Year." However, BMW's awards are not restricted to merely its high-performance models.

In 2020, J.D. Power found that the 2017 BMW 2 Series is the most dependable small premium car after three years, while the 2020 BMW X6 and 8 Series have the highest initial quality in their segments. Further, J.D. Power declared that the 2020 BMW X4, X6, and 7 Series models had the best performance in their compact premium SUVs, upper midsize premium SUVs, and large premium cars, respectively. As you can see, there has been a tremendous amount of recognition for the quality of BMW vehicles all over the world.

A black and a red 2021 BMW 2 Series are driving on a winding road. 

Why Choose a Cincinnati BMW Lease?

Knowing how well regarded and awarded BMW models are, you might be considering different ways to pay for your next vehicle. For some drivers, a standard purchase may work best, getting a traditional auto loan to pay back over several years. While this works well for anyone that wants to own a vehicle, it is not always the best choice for every driver. That is when a Cincinnati BMW lease can be the perfect option and give you the freedom to enjoy a brand-new vehicle every few years.

And that is one of the main reasons to choose a Cincinnati BMW lease - with a lease, you can enjoy a new or CPO vehicle for several years. At the end of the lease term, you simply return the vehicle to BMW of Cincinnati North, and you are then free to choose another vehicle for a new lease. There is very little commitment, and paying for a lease each month is more affordable than financing a new or CPO BMW model.

Leasing is the perfect way to enjoy everything BMW has to offer, without the long-term demands that come with vehicle ownership. If you like the idea of driving and enjoying a new model every two or three years, then leasing could definitely be the right choice for you. And with BMW's Car & Ride Sharing Lease program, you can now lease a vehicle, and BMW will authorize you to use it for ride-sharing services or even rent it out. This is a fantastic way to put BMW's legendary performance and luxury to work for you and get the most out of your vehicle.

A black 2021 BMW X7 is parked in front of a desert and mountains. 

What Happens at the End of Your Lease?

When your Cincinnati BMW lease ends, you simply return your vehicle to BMW of Cincinnati North, and you are then free to enjoy the next vehicle you want. Prior to returning the vehicle, you can schedule a complimentary pre-inspection for us to take a look at your vehicle and its condition. This allows us to alert you to any issues that need to be addressed in order to return the vehicle in proper condition for the terms of your lease.

For example, minor dents of less than two inches in size with no paint damage are permitted under the terms of a BMW lease, while larger scratches or damaged paint need to be repaired. Similarly, minor scuffs to the interior are allowed, but cuts, burns, or tears to the upholstery need to be fixed before returning a vehicle. Taking care of these issues ahead of time will make returning your vehicle easier and help you avoid penalty fees.

When you return your vehicle, we will conduct a final inspection to ensure everything is in good condition. As long as all necessary repairs have been handled and your mileage limits have been followed, returning your vehicle will take very little time. You can then look around to buy a new model, lease another vehicle, or simply go on and enjoy your day.

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