How to Read Your Dashboard Warning Symbols
Your vehicle displays service and warning symbols in the odometer area of your dashboard. When a symbol appears, it means your vehicle requires attention or is due for maintenance. Here are some of the most common symbols and what the indicate.
1.Anti-lock Brakes: Indicates a fault in the anti-lock brake system. Needs servicing. 2. Battery System: Battery charge is low. do not drive long distances. Service Immediately. 3. Brake Pad Wear: Brake pads are worn and need to be replaced as soon as possible. 4. Cooling system: Stop when safe. After engine is cool,check and add coolant as needed. 5. Traction Control Activated: Tires have temporarily lost traction. Drive with extreme caution.6. Engine Malfunction: Stop when safe and have serviced immediately. 7. Low Tire Pressure: Check tire pressure, fill to proper PSI. Have tires checked for leaks. 8. Low Oil Pressure: Check oil level immediately. Add oil to the proper level and service soon. Contact BMW of Cincinnati North as soon as possible at 513-782-1124. 9. Service Needed: Schedule service at BMW of Cincinnati North as soon as possible by calling 513-782-1124 or online using our service scheduler. 10. Traction Control Off: Warning that traction control has been turned off and is not active.