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When shopping for a BMW, Cincinnati drivers know that there is only one place to go: BMW of Cincinnati North. We know that you deserve the very best. Not only the very best vehicles but also the very best customer service. Here you will find a professional staff who can walk you through all the models and features that BMW has to offer, helping you make an informed decision that will allow you to enjoy the perfect BMW for your lifestyle. Whether you are shopping for a commuter, a family vehicle, or a fun car for the weekends, we have something waiting for you here in our Cincinnati showroom.

For over a century, BMW has been building the finest luxury and performance vehicles on the road, combining European styling and German engineering to produce the ultimate driving machine. And for over a century, the Jake Sweeney family has been selling quality cars to Cincinnati-area drivers. While we only received our BMW franchise in 1976, when the brand began making inroads in the American market, we opened the doors of our very first dealership all the way back in 1917. We have been around for a long time, and we intend to be here for another century at the least.


Which BMW Is Right for Me?

If you are new to the world of BMW, it can be difficult to know where to start. After all, BMW offers a nearly endless variety of body styles, powertrains, and luxury features, and the model names can be bewildering to someone considering them for the first time. Fortunately, BMW has a model for everyone, and the names follow a logical pattern that makes it easy to know what you are looking at once you have learned the basics. You will soon know exactly where to begin when you pay a visit to BMW of Cincinnati North.

BMW offers a large selection of different SUVs and cars, but those two basic categories can be broken down further. The SUV lineup includes BMW's most popular models and can be broken into Sports Activity Vehicles (SAVs) and Sports Activity Coupes (SACs). The former are shaped like traditional SUVs, except they offer enhanced on-road performance and sports sedan-like handling. The latter takes performance even further and can be identified by their low sweeping rooflines. BMW's SAVs and SACs both offer tremendous all-weather performance and plenty of passenger space, but the SAVs have more cargo space, while the SACs have greater performance.

All BMW SAVs and SACs can be identified by the "X" in their model names, but SAVs have odd series numbers while SACs have even series numbers. The X1, X3, X5, and X7 are generally better suited to families, while the X2, X4, and X6 will provide individuals with style and utility. Vehicles with higher series numbers are larger, with the three-row X7 being the largest BMW available today. If you need a vehicle to take on the worst road conditions with confidence, then look for a model with BMW's advanced xDrive all-wheel drive system, which provides safety and reliability without sacrificing any of the sporty handling that you expect from a BMW.

The BMW car lineup includes sedans, convertibles, coupes, gran coupes, and roadsters, giving drivers plenty of options to choose from. BMW's reputation for performance and luxury comes from its powerful and precision-engineered cars, and these models still offer an unmatched driving experience. There are no boring cars in the BMW lineup, and even the large four-door sedans provide incredible style and performance. However, coupes and convertibles are an even purer expression of the ultimate driving machine. If you desire coupe styling and sedan utility, then look for one of BMW's gran coupe options, which split the difference between the two types. BMW's roadster models exist for those drivers seeking to experience the thrill of the road in a light-weight and purpose-built sports car.

Just like with BMW's larger vehicles, even series numbers indicate more performance-oriented models. The 2, 4, and 8 Series cars are sure to turn heads wherever you go, as is the Z4 roadster. However, do not count out the 3, 5, and 7 Series cars. While they may be more practical for daily life, they will not hold you back when you have an open road ahead of you. In fact, the 7 Series is actually the most powerful car in the BMW lineup. Many BMW cars are also available with xDrive, giving you complete control even on slippery roads while maintaining their sporty rear-wheel-biased handling.

No matter which BMW body style fits your lifestyle the best, if you are seeking raw performance as well as undeniable luxury, look for an M Series model. These sport-oriented cars, SAVs, and SACs, are built around more powerful engines and include numerous performance upgrades as well as unique styling elements inside and out. If you are a serious driver who demands a vehicle that can keep up, then you deserve to experience everything that BMW M has to offer. That is why BMW of Cincinnati North is proud to be an authorized M Certified Dealer, with a full lineup of the very best vehicles that BMW offers.

A black 2021 BMW X5 is shown driving through a tunnel in the mountains.

Sports Activity Vehicles (SAV)

BMW's best-selling models are its SAVs. These highly versatile options have the footprint and looks of a traditional SUV, but deliver the road handling and performance of a high-end car. While a BMW SAV will have no problem dealing with dirt roads and bad weather, it will come alive on highways and twisty mountain roads. The M Series models go even further, delivering sports car performance in a luxurious family vehicle. If you need a BMW that can handle a little bit of everything, then an SAV is the perfect choice.

The most popular models among Cincinnati drivers are the compact X3 and the midsize X5. Both of these vehicles comfortably seat up to five passengers and offer plenty of cargo space for luggage, shopping bags, sports equipment, and more. Both models also have a selection of different powertrains available, including fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid options, although the X5 offers significantly more power than the X3. For ultimate performance, look for the X3 M and X5 M models with their even more capable engines and upgraded performance parts.

The other two SAV models available are the subcompact X1 and the three-row X7. The X1 is an excellent option for drivers who often find themselves in downtown Cincinnati, as its compact size makes navigating city streets easy. On the other hand, the X7 is the perfect BMW for larger families, as its third row of seats gives its room for everyone that you need to take with you. If one of those descriptions sounds like it matches your needs, then the X1 or X7 is well worth a look.

The latest addition to the SAV lineup is something entirely new. The iX is BMW's first all-electric SAV, providing the luxury and performance that you expect, without any need for gasoline. With over 500 horsepower and a range of 300 miles, the new iX is comparable in performance and size to the gasoline-powered X5. If you are looking to reduce your impact on the environment, like the idea of never needing to visit a gas station again, or simply want to try something new, the iX is the option for you.

A blue 2021 BMW X2 M35i is shown driving down a country road.

Sports Activity Coupes (SAC)

The BMW Sports Activity Coupe is a unique concept designed to deliver what modern drivers are looking for. They combine the commanding ride height of an SUV with the styling and performance of a coupe, creating a vehicle that is at home wherever your travels may take you. The compact X2 is the smallest SAC option, sharing a platform with the X1 SAV. However, the M35i trim of X2 offers the option of a more powerful engine that delivers over 300 horsepower, making it a much more exciting vehicle.

The X4 and X6 follow a similar pattern, being closely related to the X3 and X5 models. However, they dispense with the more efficient hybrid powertrain options, focusing on providing performance, luxury, and good looks. This is especially true of the X4 M and X6 M high-performance models. While the larger SACs can fit a small family or group of friends when needed, these models are primarily intended for the individual who desires a little more comfort and space than a sedan can provide without giving up on sleek styling.

A grey 2021 BMW M3 Competition sedan and a blue M4 Competition coupe are shown driving down a road under stormy clouds.


BMW's sport sedan lineup has long been the brand's bread and butter, and these models remain an unbeatable option for anyone who enjoys a traditional car. BMW currently offers three standard sedan options: the compact 3 Series, the midsize 5 Series, and the full-size 7 Series. However, there are also the ultra-high-performance M3 and M5 models, which share little more than their numbers with the more mainstream sedans. No matter which option you choose, you will be able to enjoy the traditional BMW blend of performance, luxury, and style.

The most popular BMW sedan option is the 3 Series. Not only are the lower trims an excellent introduction to the BMW brand, but the higher trims offer a variety of options that will suit nearly any driver. With the option for xDrive and a plug-in hybrid powertrain, the 3 Series can be a winter driver or an efficient commuter--it can even be both as an xDrive hybrid is an option. The available M TwinPower Turbo inline-six engine produces 382 horsepower, turning the 3 Series into a thrilling performance machine in its M340i trim. However, even that powerful version cannot compare to the full M3 with its 503-horsepower engine, track-ready cooling, and M Sport differential. The M3 is even available with a six-speed manual transmission for the driving purist.

If the 3 Series is the most popular BMW sedan, the 5 Series is the most well-rounded. Slightly larger, more powerful, and more luxurious, the 5 Series is an iconic executive car with plenty of performance options. In addition to the inline-four, plug-in hybrid, and inline-six powertrain options found in the 3 Series, the 5 Series also offers a 4.4L M TwinPower Turbo V8 engine with 523 horsepower in the M550i trim. Opting for the M5 provides an even more powerful version of the same V8 engine with an even 600 horsepower. Inside the 5 Series, you will discover a similarly enhanced cabin with upgraded features such as the 12.3-inch central information display and matching 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster.

The ultimate luxury car can be found in the 7 Series sedan, which is the only BMW sedan model that lacks a high-performance M version. The reason for that is simple--the 7 Series already offers all the power and features you could desire, including an incredible 6.6L M TwinPower Turbo V12 engine with 601 horsepower in the M760i trim. Other top-of-the-line features available on BMW's flagship model include 20-way Multi-contour front seats with heated armrests, four-zone automatic climate control, and a Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system.

A white 2021 BMW M5 is parked in a dark warehouse.

Coupes & Convertibles

The selection of BMW coupes and convertibles includes the brand's most stylish and highest-performance models. You can choose from the nimble 2 Series, the more powerful 4 Series, and the incredible 8 Series coupes, as well as the 4 Series and 8 Series convertibles with their power-retractable soft tops. Finally, there are the M2 and M4 high-performance coupes with their uprated engines and other performance upgrades. What all of these models have in common are the sporty two-door body styles that set them apart from the common sedans. But although they only have two doors, they all have two rows of seats, making them a more versatile choice than the Z4 roadster and other sports cars.

The 2 Series is the smallest model in the entire BMW family, but that small size is more commonly seen as an advantage rather than a drawback. While these coupes are still filled with modern luxury features, their nimble handling recalls the compact BMW sports sedans of the past, making them some of the purest driver's cars around. Available in rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, the standard 2 Series can be an option with either a turbocharged inline-four or a turbocharged inline-six engine. The M2 has a more powerful version of the inline-six, tuned for over 400 horsepower and paired with either a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission instead of the standard eight-speed automatic transmission.

If the 2 Series is too limited for your needs, then the 4 Series will likely be the right choice. Available as a coupe or a convertible, the 4 Series has similar dimensions as the popular four-door 3 Series. It also has a similar engine lineup, but the focus on performance means that there is no hybrid option. The M4 version is only available as a hardtop coupe for greater body rigidity and offers up to 503 horsepower from its M TwinTurbo inline-6 engine. Inside, you will find plenty of high-quality materials, from open-pore fine wood oak grain trim in the base model to available M carbon bucket seats in the M4.

If the 7 Series sedan is the height of BMW luxury, then the 8 Series coupe and convertible is the height of BMW performance. With the choice between a standard TwinPower Turbo inline-six or an available M TwinPower Turbo V8, these sleek cars are just as fast as they look. However, that does not mean they are lacking when it comes to luxury. Features such as the standard Vernasca leather upholstery and a Harman Kardon surround-sound audio system combine to transform this top-of-the-line machine into the ultimate grand touring car. If you opt for the 8 Series convertible, the power soft top can retract in just 15 seconds at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

A grey 2021 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, a popular BMW, Cincinnati drivers enjoy is parked next to buildings covered in graffiti.

Gran Coupes

Are you the type of driver who demands the stylish good looks of a coupe but still needs the practicality that comes from having four doors? It is for people like you that BMW has introduced its lineup of gran coupe models. Currently, four of these unique designs are available: the affordable 2 Series Gran Coupe, the luxurious 8 Series Gran Coupe, the high-performance M8 Gran Coupe, and the all-new and all-electric i4 Gran Coupe. Each of these one-of-a-kind models offers its own take on traditional BMW performance and luxury, giving you a vehicle that can match your own unique lifestyle.

The 2 Series Gran Coupe is possibly the best introduction to the BMW brand, offering drivers style, performance, and luxury at an attainable price. With over 300 horsepower available from the optional inline-six engine in the M235i trim, and the choice of xDrive all-wheel drive, the 2 Series Gran Coupe lives up to BMW's performance standards. And with premium cabin materials, 10-way power sports seats, and the iDrive 7.0 system with voice commands and built-in navigation all standard, the 2 Series Gran Coupe does not fall behind when it comes to luxury either.

The 8 Series Gran Coupe comes with all the power, luxury, and looks of the two-door 8 Series Coupe, just in a slightly larger four-door package. This model is the pinnacle of the gran coupe concept, demonstrating that you really can have it all in a single car. From the unique hexagonal Icon adaptive LED headlights to the signature LED taillights under the large lip spoiler, every aspect of the 8 Series Gran Coupe is built to exude style without compromising functionality. Inside, you will be greeted by a panoramic moonroof, four-zone automatic climate control, power rear sunshades, and more luxury features.

Opting for the M8 Gran Coupe will get you the fastest BMW currently in production, with a zero to sixty time of just 3.1 seconds. The Competition package also makes it the most powerful, boosting the standard M TwinPower Turbo V8 engine to 617 horsepower. Meanwhile, the available M Carbon Ceramic brakes will bring you to a stop in record time while shaving off 42 pounds of unsprung mass. Able to keep up with high-end sports cars while transporting four passengers in comfort and style, the M8 Gran Coupe is a simply incredible display of what BMW is capable of.

The final gran coupe model is BMW's very first all-electric four-door car. Similar in size and appearance to the 4 Series Coupe, the i4 is carrying BMW into an exciting new future. If you have been waiting for a powerful and luxurious electric car built with traditional German engineering, then it is time to take the i4 for a test drive. With around 500 horsepower, the i4 offers similar acceleration to the gasoline-powered M4 performance model, and with roughly 300 miles of range, you will be able to travel anywhere you desire without slowing down. Inside, the i4 feels the same as any other BMW model, combining luxury and style for a conventional driving experience.

A greay 2021 BMW Z4 M40i roadster is shown driving down a sunny road..


Every BMW model is designed to provide a driving experience that makes you feel connected to the road, but the Z4 roadster takes it to the next level. This purpose-built sports car offers everything a driving enthusiast could want from a vehicle. The light-weight and agile machine has two doors, two seats, rear-wheel drive, and a power-operated soft top that lets you feel the wind in your hair as you experience one of the purest driving experiences available today. If you enjoy the time you spend behind the wheel, then you owe it to yourself to take this roadster for a test drive.

The Z4 comes standard with a turbocharged inline-four that produces 255 horsepower and makes this car a wonderful companion for a relaxing and engaging weekend drive. However, it is also available with an M TwinPower Turbo inline-six with 382 horsepower that transforms it into a serious sports car. With the more powerful engine equipped, the Z4 car sprint from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under 4 seconds and can hit a top speed of 155 miles per hour. The nimble chassis, wide tires, and available M Performance sport differential ensure that the Z4 is just as capable through the corners as it is on the straights, delivering the power and grip necessary for high speeds.

Keep Your BMW Running at BMW of Cincinnati North

Whether you choose to get behind the wheel of a practical Sports Activity Vehicle, experience the open road in the nimble Z4 roadster, or enjoy the best of both worlds with a stylish Gran Coupe, BMW of Cincinnati North is here to keep your BMW running in factory condition. While regular maintenance might not be glamorous, the careful attention to detail that you will find in our certified service center is critical in allowing your BMW to continue providing the breathtaking performance and world-class luxury that you experienced when you drove it for the first time.

The BMW of Cincinnati North service center is also not limited to just performing routine maintenance. We can handle anything that your vehicle needs, up to and including repairing major accident damage in our auto body shop and collision center. If you want your BMW looking new again, we also offer full detailing services that will go over your vehicle inside and out. When we are done, everyone will stop and stare when you drive by.

Our factory-trained technicians understand all the complex systems of your BMW inside and out, and use only genuine BMW parts when performing maintenance and repairs. As an authorized BMW service center, we can also provide you with no-hassle service through the comprehensive BMW Ultimate Care, Ultimate Care+, and Value Service programs. Enrolling in one of these maintenance programs allows you to save up to 30% on maintenance costs while keeping your BMW in peak condition. With plan options for up to 7 years or 125,000 miles, it is easy to stay on top of maintenance for as long as you own or lease your vehicle.

If you purchase your BMW from us, we will also automatically enroll you in the Jake Sweeney Shamrock Club, giving you access to the full VIP treatment. From complimentary Multi-Point inspections whenever you visit us to a free first-day rental car during any service scheduled to take more than two hours, we go out of our way to take care of our customers. There is a reason why we have been the favorite dealership of so many Cincinnati-area drivers for well over 100 years.


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