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There was a time when James Bond switched from his long preferred Aston Martin vehicle lineup to the cutting edge design of BMW. Why? Because both the fictional secret agent and the producers of many of the highly popular Bond movies in the 90s realized that BMW has a degree of design and construction quality that is unrivaled by the competition. In some ways, the way BMW crafts a new vehicle is subtle at first. A slightly different exterior profile mixed with some understated but unique features create the driving experience that may come as a surprise after you've taken the wheel.

This is no more apparent than on BMWs 5 Series. Long known for its high-quality design and performance, the 5 Series is an executive car that epitomizes the luxury BMW infuses into each and every one of their vehicles. Whether you are a British secret agent or just an average person doing the daily commute to work, this is the type of car to consider when you want to upgrade your main mode of transportation.

Better still, the 5 Series is the type of BMW vehicle that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to purchase. While it is more expensive than budget-friendly, everyday sedans from the likes of Ford and Toyota, it is still competitively priced compared to other luxury brands. This is a great way to make your driving experience luxurious without paying the accompanying price tag.

Different Options For Different People

One of the key tenants that comes with the 5 Series is customizability. In other words, BMW is all about giving their customers different options to choose from. When you have a buffet of options at your fingertips before you purchase the vehicle, the company knows you will be satisfied. This will help you find a vehicle that meets your needs while satisfying your personal tastes at the same time.

The menu of choices starts with the different body styles the 5 Series comes in. For those wanting a traditional car, the four-door sedan style will be right at home on the road with other common family vehicles. On the other hand, if you want more cargo space in the mix, the five-door wagon adds more room in the back for small to medium-sized items like groceries. A four-door long wheeled saloon style is also available in the current generation for people wanting a more stable ride at higher speeds.

Regardless of the body style you choose, you will get the same degree of high build quality. This means your BMW 5 Series will last for years without the need of extensive repairs or upgrades. The 5 Series is all about reliability since the average driver wants to use the vehicle instead of having to repair and replace parts on a consistent basis.

Overall Design

Despite the different body styles the 5 Series comes with, BMW has kept the overall design of this vehicle rather consistent. Most importantly, the design of the current generation maximizes aerodynamics and fuel efficiency better than the competition. You'll even find a few surprises under the hood if you are looking for something that will give you an edge up in fuel economy.

The chassis is made with a combination of high-strength steel and aluminum. The aluminum metal, in particular, lightens the weight of the chassis overall in several key areas such as the doors and roof. As a result, the current generation is about 220 pounds less than previous models.

For people wanting a smooth ride during the daily drive, they will appreciate the double wishbone suspension design placed on the front wheels. The rear axle uses a five-link suspension design that offers more travel and dampening than more traditional leaf and torsion suspension formats.

If you really want to drive something that is at the cutting edge of automotive design, the G35 series comes with an optional electromechanical four-wheel steering system known as Integral Active Steering. This system turns both the front and rear wheels while driving, providing a tighter turning radius and better overall handling characteristics. This makes the car more maneuverable in tighter spots.

Engine Options

One of the great things about BMW design is the number of options you get with engines alone. Some people prefer the traditional gasoline engine capable of propelling the vehicle to high speeds without sacrificing too much fuel efficiency. Others like their alternatives whether they be hybrid, diesel, or all electric. With the 5 Series, BMW has taken extra steps to give you more possibilities under the hood.

The traditional engine lineup includes a number of gasoline variants ranging from 4 to 8 cylinders. With the range of 181-591 hp, these engines are capable of delivering better fuel ratings or higher top speed/towing capacity depending on which one you choose.

On the other hand, a range of diesel engine options are there for people who appreciate the efficiency and performance diesel fuel provides. This engine lineup is geared towards better fuel efficiency, ranging from 188-394 hp. While it may not have the upper horsepower and torque limits of the gasoline range, this lineup is still a strong contender when hauling, and towing capacity are important metrics.

Additional Features

The more you look at the amount of unique features this series comes with, the more you'll realize just how advanced the 5 Series actually is. It is safe to say that BMW continues to push the edge of automotive design by thinking outside of the box with this model.

For example, the 5 Series is one of the few luxury models to offer a full, plug-in hybrid option that uses an all-electric motor in conjunction with the traditional gasoline engine. The motor itself is capable of propelling the car up to 30 miles alone without the use of the main engine. In total, this increases the overall fuel efficiency and maximum performance of the vehicle without using more fuel hungry gasoline engines.

The 5 Series is also one of the few models sold today with an integrated heads-up display for better viewing and safety while driving. This expansive display floats above the dashboard and projects vital information such as speed and RPMs in front of the driver. Eliminating the need to look down at the main gauges, this keeps the driver's eyes on the road at all times. The display is also highly customizable, so you can display the information you want or need at the touch of a couple buttons.

Choosing Your Next 5 Series

It is difficult to go wrong with any model in the 5 Series lineup. Even though it covers a wide range of possibilities and options, this series has a few important traits all across the board. Chief among them is the durability and performance BMW infuses into every single model design. Those who need the most out of their vehicle regarding long life will be satisfied by the construction quality each steel and aluminum metal plate goes through during the manufacturing process.

To choose your next 5 Series, think about the type of car you actually want. Whether you need better fuel efficiency, more cargo room, higher top speeds, or something else, there is a lot to discover about the 5 Series before you make a final purchase. Come on down to BMW of Cincinnati today to see what kind of possibilities the BMW 5 Series can offer you. 

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