Pre-order the New BMW i4 at BMW of Cincinnati North | Cincinnati, OH

Pre-order the new BMW i4


If the BMW i4 is your kind of car, why not put a small deposit down and be among the first drivers to own it? With a $500 online deposit, you can rest assured that the new BMW i4 is coming your way.


What is a pre-order?
The BMW i4 pre-order entitles you to priority if you wish to order a BMW i4 when it is launched for sale in the United States.

When will I receive my BMW i4?
Delivery of BMW i4 will is expected in early 2022, but the exact delivery date will be dependent on the final specification of your vehicle and when you placed your pre-order.

What payment methods are accepted for a pre-order?
You can pay the deposit for your BMW i4 pre-order using Visa, Mastercard, or Amex or personally by check at the dealership.

Will I receive a confirmation of my pre-order?
Yes, you'll receive a confirmation email. If you don't receive the confirmation email please check your junk email folder. Please contact BMW of Cincinnati North if you require further assistance.

Does my pre-order guarantee me a specific production slot?
Your pre-order doesn't guarantee a specific production slot, as this will be dependent on the final specification of your vehicle and when you placed your pre-order.

Can I cancel my pre-order?
Yes, please contact BMW of Cincinnati North if you would like to cancel your pre-order.

How will I be kept informed about my pre-order?
We'll send you updates about BMW i4 via email.  BMW of Cincinnati North will be in touch to allow you to choose the specification of your car from Summer 2021.

Do I need to specify a preferred BMW retailer?
Yes, you need to specify a BMW Center within the pre-order form.

When do I pay for my BMW i4?
You will need to discuss this with BMW of Cincinnati North - you can also explore a range of BMW Finance options.

When will confirmed model information including pricing and specification be available?
Confirmed model information and pricing will be available from Summer 2021.

When can I choose the specification of my BMW i4?
You'll be able to choose the full specification of your BMW i4 in Summer 2021. BMW of Cincinnati North will contact you to discuss.

Is my pre-order transferable to another person?
No, your BMW i4 pre-order is non-transferable.

When can I test drive the BMW i4?
You'll be able to book a test drive from March 2022.

Can I pre-order more than one BMW i4?
No, BMW i4 pre-orders are limited to one per customer.

Will my pre-order be automatically converted into an order?
No, you'll need to place a separate order.

Is there a home-charging solution available for BMW i4 ?
The supplied Standard Charging Cables are perfect for topping up wherever you are. However, charging your car at home with a dedicated private charging station ensures a faster and more convenient charging experience. Our official installation partner, bp pulse, guarantee a reliable solution from a single source, including consultation, delivery, installation and start-up. Please speak to BMW of Cincinnati North for more information.

It's time to start a new electric adventure. Pre-order your new BMW i4 now with an online deposit.

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