Giving up your means of transportation for a few hours, a day, or even more can seem like a daunting possibility. That's why we here at BMW of Cincinnati North are happy to provide a loaner car for your convenience. If you have a scheduled maintenance appointment with us, and meet the criteria below, we'll make sure to get you back to your normal routine as seamlessly as possible. 

·          Due to insurance regulations, the driver of any Loaner Car must be 21 years old.

·          The driver must present a valid drivers license, credit card, and proof of full insurance before operating a Loaner Car.

·          Only the person(s) listed and signing the Loaner Car Policy may operate the Loaner Car.

·          All traffic, parking tickets, bridge, and road tolls are the responsibility of the driver of the Loaner Car.

·          The Loaner Car must be returned on the day the repair is completed or within 12 business hours.

·          A usage fee of $150.00 per day will be charged to the driver who fails to return the Loaner Car on the repair completed day or agreed upon day.

·          A $7.00 per gallon fee will be charged to the driver who does not return the Loaner Car with the same amount of fuel as when checked out.  Mileage is restricted to 75 miles per day.  A mileage fee of $0.20 per mile will be charged to any driver who exceeds the daily mileage allowance.

·          All Loaner Cars are NON-SMOKING vehicles.

·          A detail fee of $169.00 will be charged to the driver who smokes in any Loaner Car.

·          Pets are not permitted in Loaner Cars.  A detail fee of $169.00 will be charged to the driver who transports their pet.

·          Loaner Cars are available for scheduled appointments expected to take longer than two hours.